lent 2011

10 Mar

beginning with ash wednesday and concluding with resurrection sunday, lent is a time where we face our humanity – where we see the darkness that we carry. it is also a season of beautiful hope. a looking forward to the reality of new life and resurrection.

– Sunday resources were updated April 1.



The first page is an experiential calender:

Lent is a season in which we practice giving up something important in order to refocus our lives on God. By fasting from certain things, we practice dying to ourselves. And by refocusing our lives, living to God, we intentionally choose things that help us become the kind of people God desires us to be. This calendar suggests daily practices for fasting-from and living-to during the Lenten season

The second page gives you some scripture to wrestle with week by week:

Spend time each day in The Word. Reflect on the story of scripture that we find ourselves in. Reflect on the love and strength of our God who brings beauty out of the ashes.

[sanctuary – lent calendar 2011]



Each Sunday during Lent we will spend the first portion our time together focusing in on different aspects of Lent.

Following the Service you will be able to access some of the readings and music that you experienced as well as some addtional thoughts, reflections, and resources that will help us focus our attention on God’s saving work.

WEEK TWO RESOURCES – Cravings & Control



World Vision Lent Project: Relentless Acts of Justice

An article by our friend Eugene Cho

Ash Wednesday – a poem by TS Elliot


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