home groups / studies

We are always longing to…

give hope to the hopeless, together.
serve the poor and oppressed together
sing together.
eat together.
pray together.
wrestle with the Scriptures together.
take care of one another’s needs together.
proclaim the Gospel together.
be the hands and feet of Jesus.

This is why we encourage every single person to live deeply with one another.

Small/Home Groups at  Sanctuary are smaller communities where meaningful relationships are often formed. In Home Groups, we hope people will grow in love for the Lord and each other. They explore scripture, ask tough questions of themselves and the group, and gain insight from the studied knowledge of others. They encourage each person to reach for faith, wherever they are on the journey. They help each one grow and develop as a Christ-follower. There are many kinds of small groups for all ages and stages of life.

Home Groups support and care for their members, in good times and through trials. They stand by their members with true friendship, offering them the security of knowing there are people who truly care.

Groups have fun. They enjoy great times together, in fellowship, and in serving together others in the greater community. Trust, openness and accountability naturally emerge. Members are welcomed “as they are;” seeking to love and be loved, to serve and be served.

Explore your Home Group options. Contact the leaders of the groups you wish to explore, ask questions and ask to visit. Find a group that is a good “fit” for you, where you can enjoy being an active participant. We want to welcome you into the life-changing world of Small Groups. Groups with space available for new participants are listed in the group life booklet available in the Community Room.

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