afterschool arts

Mondays and Wednesdays 3:00-5:00
ASA volunteers teach music (guitar, vocal, drums, etc.) dance, art (painting, ceramics, photography, film, etc.) or writing. You don’t even need to be an artist to participate in After School Arts! We need mentors.

Contact Eveling Vasquez (providenceasa@gmail.com) or call the office for more information.

first friends

For many of Providence’s refugee families, a lack of job training, English classes, and culturally appropriate services are a significant obstacle to their engagement in the community. In Providence, more than one in three people were born in a foreign country- including over 2,400 school-aged children. Sanctuary acknowledges the worth of each of these individuals, and recognizes the need for social programs and additional support to welcome them into the community.

We work to form friendships with refugee families and facilitate their adjustment to a new community. The refugee welcoming program partners one or more community members with each family to build lasting and meaningful friendships. From the moment they step off of the plane, they together share meals, stories, and may choose to participate in Love Providence’s Community Gardening Program. Working alongside the International Institute of Rhode Island, We help families learn basic skills to function in American society. Whether shopping together, eating together, or praying together, First Friends is a means by which refugee families can feel welcomed and incorporated into a new environment.

homework club (tutoring)

Sit alongside Reservoir Ave. School students (Providence) in 1st – 5th grade and be their cheerleader! No teaching experience is required; just a positive and encouraging attitude. From High School and College students to retirees, and everyone in between, consider volunteering in this needed and rewarding ministry.

Contact Meg Ford (295-5703) or the church office for more information.


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